Gift wrapping on a budget

We like our presents to look kinda pretty. So, we’ve put together a couple of ideas for simple gift wrapping that starts with using brown paper.

IMG_3566Staples in a gift wrapper’s shed:

  • scissors
  • blade/stanley knife
  • sticky tape
  • double-sided sticky tape
  • metal ruler
  • brown paper/white paper

For this example I’ve used:

  • yarn from my left overs
  • buttons – when I throw out a garment I sometimes cut the buttons off and keep them, or I have a collection of the extras that come when you buy a new piece of clothing but the clothing is long gone
  • paper lace doilies – a few dollars from the supermarket or newsagent. I had some left over from some invitations
  • washi tape – this is patterned sticky tape, available from discount stores or craft shops
  • paper ribbon – I got a couple of rolls from a discount store: $0.50 for a 10 metre roll
  • tissue paper – it’s good to have this on hand, but I haven’t used it this time. It’s cheap, again from discount stores.

Don’t forget to share some of your frugal gift wrapping ideas in the comments section.

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