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DSCF3447Bags packed? Visa’s organised? Money exchanged? Flights and hotels booked? All sound a bit much?

Like most people, we here at Making Cents Meet love to travel. Whether it’s to a sunny, tropical beach location or an exotic, cultural city stay, travel and holidays can be exciting and restful.

Although, when you’re on a budget or simply do not have the time to travel, becoming a tourist in your own city can be a great alternative. Not only do you save time and money on booking accommodation, exchanging foreign and organising an itinerary currency you can venture out and truly discover the city which you live in.


Here are some helpful tips and ideas on what you can do, wherever you live.

1, Start off like you would in a foreign city and go to a hotel lobby for up to date information about your city. They can be helpful with things like walking or cycling tours, easy and convenient public transport routes to get you to and fro and see what they recommend.


2, Do something unique that only your city has to offer. In Sydney, it may be a walk around the botanical gardens to the Opera House, or taking one of the iconic ferries over to Manly Beach for the day. Then sit and take it all in while enjoying some fish and chips!


3, Explore your cities history. Check out some historical placards dotted around the city (every city has at least one) or pay a visit to the cities library, where you may find old photographs or newspapers.

4, Art galleries and museums – need I say more? With an ever-rotating schedule of exhibitions, museums and art galleries are a great place to discover and learn more about your culture, history and current zeitgeist (yes hipsters, I’m talking about you).

5, If you have children in tow, take them out to some of your cities surrounding suburbs, which you would never normally venture too. Some of them can be really interesting and provide a bit of a cultural difference to what you/they may be used to. Most cities have a Chinatown, so perhaps take them there for some yum cha and explore the shops full of tea and the iconic, highly decorated entrances.


6, Follow your cities social media such as their Facebook or Instagram page. This is a great way to keep up to date with events happening in and around your city. It’s also a great platform to ask questions!

 7, Now completely counteracting number 6, is turn off your mobile!! Pretend your roaming and completely unreachable by phone. For photos, take an old camera with you instead.

8, Attend a sports match. Whether you’re a fan or not, going to a sports game in your hometown is a great way to get into the local spirit. Immerse yourself in the tense, yet excited atmosphere and bring a few friends along too!

Feature image: Unsplash, found at pixbay.com
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4 thoughts on “Home: Discovering Things Close By

    1. Thanks Louise & OA2. I love the idea of exploring things that are close. Often when it comes to travelling we focus on the great escape and take for granted areas closer to home. I’m grateful for Nicky’s tips too.


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